What Options Do Retirees Have for Personal Growth?

Retiree Options

Twenty or so years ago, the question of personal growth in retirement hadn’t really entered the mainstream consciousness. To most people a generation ago, retirement was an ending, not a beginning. But as with everything else they’ve encountered, the Boomers are challenging that view of retirement.

With the help of improved medicine and nutrition research, Boomers are expected to live longer than their parents, and they anticipate better health in their golden years. Understanding this is at the core of knowing how to market to Boomers–and to deciding what products or services you want to offer them.

Types of Personal Growth

Whether you’re thinking of expanding your current offerings or starting a new business, it’s helpful to start by sorting types of personal growth for retirees into categories. Once you see what your options are, you can figure out where your expertise lies and how to make it work for your business.

  • Individual, inner growth: This category includes improving self-knowledge, self-awareness, or mastering one’s identity.
  • Financial growth: Whether through starting a business, mastering day trading, or planning for the next generations, some retirees focus on improving their financial situation.
  • Spiritual growth: Spiritual undertakings might include anything from traveling to a holy site to learning new spiritual or religious practices.
  • Practical growth: Learning a new skill or talent goes into this category; retirees might be interested in learning to play a musical instrument, speak a new language, get a new degree, paint landscapes, etc.
  • Lifestyle and health-related growth: Anything related to eating, wellness, weight, or fitness fits here.
  • “Bucket-list” growth: Since The Bucket List came out in 2008, people of all ages have started crafting “bucket lists” of things they want to do before they die. Some retirees focus growth on achieving specific goals they’ve set for themselves (e.g. run a marathon, see the Grand Canyon, write a book, etc.).

Framing Your Offerings in Terms of Personal Growth

As you do the work of identifying your marketing niche, you’ll begin to understand what types of personal growth your potential clients are seeking. In your marketing materials, frame your product or services so that your ideal clients see how you will help them achieve their growth goals.

If your ideal clients are focused on practical growth, for example, you might advertise your ability to help them articulate and track their specific goals, match them with Boomer-friendly classes, or help them stay connected through volunteer activities that let them put their new skills to use.


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