Overcoming Your Perfection Paralysis in Retirement

Overcoming Your Perfection Paralysis in Retirement

Have you ever become a victim of your own perfection paralysis when it comes to doing things yourself? I talked to a few friends who have been toying with the idea of getting together for months but haven't done anything about it. The problem is they're waiting to have everything complete, a place arranged, other things placed on hold, and have a list of places they would want to go, things to see, destinations to discover before actually selecting a date and getting it done. NONSENSE!

If I'd waited to have all things perfectly settled before moving forward with my next step in life, I'd still have only a few friends in my life, and believe me, I wouldn't be moving forward very quickly. Instead, I believe in scrapping the traditional route and going backwards. Ask any friends or family of mine and they'll tell you I make a plan and move forward towards it. Just as an example, my family holds a ‘girls weekend' every two years or so. All of the girls in our family (my Mom, sisters, sisters-in-law) all get together for a weekend of FUN! When a few of us were together this past Christmas, I asked for a date since I'll be hosting it at our Cottage in Manitoba. We tossed a few dates around, anticipating who would have conflicts with each chosen date, and we booked two dates – one in May and one in June. Now all I need to do is email everyone with both dates, have them reply which works best for them (or if both work for them), and pick the date that the most can make it. Then I let them know which date it is, and everyone starts to make plans or change plans so they can attend! Oh, don't get me wrong, there may be some who can't make it (in a family of 11 kids, it CAN be difficult to co-ordinate everyone's schedule), but believe me, everyone gives it their absolute BEST effort! Even if they can only make it for one of the days! We have so much fun, they don't want to miss out!

What are my friends' and family's reactions? Yup, you guessed it… "YIKES! I need to get my butt in gear and get things arranged! I'm going to the Girls' Weekend in May!!!"

Magically, everything always gets done. The food is arranged, activities are planned, everything is completed and they have a list of things to bring to help with the event. Although I didn't have a word for what happened, my good friend Fabienne Fredrickson calls this being PULLED forward by your goal, instead of being a victim of Perfection Paralysis.

When you stop procrastinating and instead start working to make it happen, it works every time. In the past, I have dragged my feet on picking a date for an event I wanted to give. 'Should I have it in the summer, should I wait 'til fall?' Since nothing was happening, I pulled out my calendar, picked a date, reserved the space and then made it happen, and you can too! There's nothing like setting a deadline and getting in gear to make it happen.


Are you procrastinating putting together a get-together or event to stay in touch with friends or meet prospective friends? End the questioning NOW and just pick a date. Commit and then everything will fall into place because you'll HAVE to get it done. Now, that's what I call being pulled by your future. Use your coach or a buddy as an accountability benchmark, and then send them an email with the date of your newly scheduled event. The most accountable thing you can do though is to reserve for the space ahead of time. That'll get you moving!

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