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I Never Want To Retire, Now What?

Some people want to work until the undertaker carries them away, while others await the day when they can quit working and focus on other areas of life. Neither attitude is “wrong,” but in either case, you should plan for retirement. Even if you find work very satisfying, changes in your health or in your job […]

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I Know I Want to Retire, How Can I Plan for It?

Our society pressures people to work longer, especially since life expectancy has increased and social programs like social security are strapped. If you are healthy and want to retire in your mid-60s, you must have all your financial ducks in a row if you want to maintain a style of life similar to your most […]

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Will Travel Be a Part of Your Retirement Plans?

For some people, working is mainly a way to finance the travel they love. No continent, no state, no city, no attraction is off limits for the serious traveler who may lament that they need more time for each trip. When retirement comes along, the question of “will I travel” seems like a moot point, […]

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How Will I Fund My Retirement?

When you retire from your job, you may receive a lunch or dinner in your honor, the stereotypical watch or plaque in appreciation of your service, and some assorted gift cards, but never what you really need to finance your retirement – a money tree. Aside from any pay off you may have from accumulated […]

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So You Retire. What Will You Do With Your Time?

So You Retire. What Will You Do With Your Time? If you were playing Retirement Family Feud, the top 5 answers on the board to the question “What will you do with your time after you retire” might be these: Play golf Travel Visit the kids/grandkids Since we are dealing with the Baby Boomers, the […]

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What do I need to do before I retire?

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Retire Whether you love or hate your job, you probably see retirement as a goal at some point. Even if you never want to stop working, you probably hope you will be able to cut back a bit so you can enjoy other pursuits in life or take things […]

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