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Planning Your Bucket List

Ever since the Bucket List movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman came out a few years ago, people have been formulating their goals for the next 20-30 years of their life in those terms. What do I want do in my life before I kick the bucket? Making a list is a planned to […]

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What if I Run Out of Money

When you retire, you may get a good bye lunch and handsome parting gift, but never a crystal ball, which is what you need to answer the questions you ask when you go into retirement. Can you afford it? What if your savings aren’t enough? What are your options? In the current economy, more people are […]

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Considerations for Travelling

As a Boomer reaching retirement age, you may look back at your time backpacking in Europe right after college with fondness. Now that you have some time on your hands, you may want to enjoy carefree travel again. With time and money at your disposal, you can travel the US or travel the globe at any age, […]

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House Sitting As a Means to Travel

Recent economic news has made retirees think more carefully about spending large sums of money they might need later. Tightening the belt at any age is no fun, retirees who hoped to travel once they had more time see their dreams dying along with the economy. For the retiree who is adventurous and willing to do […]

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What Will Be My Purpose After Retirement?

Most people spend part of their work day wishing they were somewhere else or had some more control over their time. The reality is, work gives structure and purpose most people miss in retirement if they leave the job. Of course, your family, your friends, your church, your hobbies, your aspirations add to the quality […]

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How Do I Get/Stay Healthy?

As you approach retirement, you may ponder how you will spend your time and what your future is. Even if you have a carefully thought-out plan for spending your time, as you should, you know you are working with some unknown variables. How long will you be alive and kicking? How will your health remain […]

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Making Retirement Good for You and Your Family

So, you’re retired. You may eventually get a job or volunteer at the Y, but for now you enjoy sleeping in, planning your own time, puttering around the house. This relaxation may be just what you need after years in the daily grind, but how will it affect your family? If your spouse is already […]

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