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Your Guide to Traveling in Retirement

Many of my clients list traveling as one of their top desires for their retirement years, and for better or for worse, traveling in retirement is often different from traveling while you’re working full time. Here are some considerations to keep in mind to make the most of your jaunts around the globe. Take advantage […]

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Making the Best of Long-Distance Family

Living beyond easy driving distance of your loved ones can be difficult, especially if you’re newly retired and finally have free time you’d like to spend with grandchildren or other relatives. Luckily, the technological advances of the last several years make bridging great distances easier than ever. To build relationships at even great distances, try […]

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Telling Your Story through Memoir

When many of my clients approach retirement, they find themselves reflecting on their lives or on certain parts of their lives. This reflection usually leads at some point to thoughts of memoir—specifically, thoughts of whether they can or should attempt writing one. I say, go for it! Even if your only reader is yourself, composing […]

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How to Deal with the Loss of a Friend

One of the most challenging aspects of life in retirement is the dealing with the death of friends we consider contemporaries. Coping with loss is never easy, but during retirement, such losses can be especially trying because they reinforce the reality that we have entered a new phase of life, and they force us to […]

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Developing Your Faith in Retirement

Many of us look forward to retirement as a sort of magical time of leisure without devoting much energy or thought to the specific challenges we might face once we get there. Among my clients, one of the biggest challenges I’ve seen is that of developing faith during the retirement years. Overcoming this challenge by […]

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What Options Do Retirees Have for Personal Growth?

Twenty or so years ago, the question of personal growth in retirement hadn’t really entered the mainstream consciousness. To most people a generation ago, retirement was an ending, not a beginning. But as with everything else they’ve encountered, the Boomers are challenging that view of retirement. With the help of improved medicine and nutrition research, […]

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Mentoring to Share My Knowledge

You know the old saying: “If you feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” While many people in our society need lunch, they also to learn to catch, clean, and cook the fish and become self-sustaining in the future. […]

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Volunteering mean jumping in to do work without the prospect of pay. Why bother? The answer varies, but for retirees, two responses come to mind: to make a contribution to a cause bigger than yourself, and to give back while using time productively. Young people often volunteer to test out careers or to prove their […]

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How Can I Give to Society?

Whether you are rich or poor, you will enrich yourself by making a contribution to life and giving back. The happiest people are not bystanders who hoard the good things that come to them in life, but those who share of themselves. As you head into retirement, you may not have an abundance of money […]

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